ahahaha did anyone hear the story on the edge of the dude that was hunting ducks? well he shot one put it in the fridge and when his wife opened the fridge 2 days later the duck lifted his head. AHAHAHAHA i woulda shit myself. i guess they took it to the vet and it has a 75% chance of living. i think thats funny has hell

That was wackkk! come again.:gay2:

i just think its funny as hell

That is some freaky shit right there. Pretty funny too.

Did it at least scream AFLAC at the wife when she opened the door? If not, then I don’t care :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe lol

I probably wouldve grabbed my 9mm and shot it again.

who the fuck puts a whole, feathered duck in their fridge with their food? that sounds like a health risk!

Rednecks, and poor people?

And if they tried killing it to eat it, why are they taking it to a vet?

EDIT: Zombie Duck > *

redneck hunters! duh!


It was on the channel 2 news last night as well.

I’m with Newman… who the hell puts a whole duck in the fridge for 2 days?

lol alot of people hunt ducks. not just rednecks and poor people. Actualy duck is really tasty.

Agreed. I’ve had duck, and even been duck hunting. But I’ve never shot a duck, and tossed it whole into my fridge for a couple days.

who doesn’t ?

Health risks :gay2:

real men put ducks right in to the freezer :shoot:

actually, he knew it was still alive, he just was keeping it fresh and was going to eat it raw.

I call BS on the whole story.

#1. Who puts an entire duck in the fridge?
#2. How does the duck not die of hypothermia from 2 days in the fridge?
#3. Why would they take it to the vet when they intended to kill it in the first place?


2 Ducks live outdoors. a fridge is only 40 something degrees. Not like it was the freezer. 1 and 3 my answer is that person is stupid?

a few months ago, i went to haenzels dads house to help him work on his car. we opened up the garage and there was a decapitated dear’s head hanging from the rafters. actually, the door hit it when he opened it and it was swinging there, tounge sticking out and shit.

anyway we got to working on his car, drove it around and left. kinda weird working on a car with a decapitated dear’s head hanging above you.

come to find out a few days later, haenzels dad had killed the deer, didnt have time to clean it, so cut its head off and shoved the body in a fridge. a fridge that i was leaning on, drinking beer, and walking around the whole day.


lol I’ve never been duck hunting…but usualy when I shoot something it gets real dead real quick…I’ve never had this issue either.