Dumbstruck Iphone App Developed in the 518

Wayne has been working with a group of developers on a new Iphone App called Dumbstruck… Download it. Use it. Send inappropriate things to Wayne. Also- share with all your friends!!! The more users the more fun you will have!

Also like their facebook page!


Wait so you send a message and then it records their reaction? Do they need the app for it to work? I’d laugh if you caught someone dropping a steamer or in an otherwise compromising position haha.

Tapatalk is consuming my life

Oh shit sorry-

Yea- you send a picture/ video to someone you are friends with on the App. Once they open the pic/ vid it records their reaction for 8 seconds. It then immediately sends the reaction to the original sender.

Only available for Iphone right now, Android is in the works.

Yea you need the app, but if a particular friend doesn’t have it you can send them an invite right through the app. The reaction is automagically recorded and sent back to the sender. Have fun. Do something I wouldn’t do.


Title is misleading. There are hundreds of new iPhone apps a day.

Sounds like snap chat but it records the person who receives the message. Plan too try this out lol!! Cool idea!!!

i dont have a fancy phone. fml

need ios7, bummer. I gotz no room to update lol

A little preview.


Oh it is on lol

Lettuce be cereal. You only got involved because it’s got “truck” in the title.

Tapatalk is consuming my life

Did Mr. S Jones help make this? Lol great idea, pewp is always funny

Fuck. Make android app now!

FUCK YEA HE DID. Sittin right here next to me watchin Trailer Park Boys.

Awesome idea Wayne… hope you get very rich and throw a party that we can throw firecrackers at pregnant women.

Congrats Wayne. To be honest Itll probably do quite well, is it like snapchat in that images are then “deleted” i use “deleted” loosely :rofl:rofl

Pretty brillant… have a random button so you can freak random people the fuck out :rofl:rofl



Do you have to wait for them to sign up to see the reaction from the invite?

Cool idea.

Wayne shouldn’t you be in the garage fixing broken diesel trucks instead of coming up with a way to send pics of black penises to John and record his reaction?

If PJB had an iphone I’d send him buttsex pictures.

Tapatalk is consuming my life