Dyno Day Saturday 9/22: $50 Per Car

Make it happen JD

ill be on the dyno sat…if the engine holds up that is

I heard rumor that there’s going to be free steak.
HPs and steaks ftw!

wait, free steak? can i sign up? lol pick a saturday and ill make it happen. sooner the better though!

I would be willing to make the drive out.

I’ll bring steak if there is a grill.

how much is this again?

Steak and dyno, zomg, if my pile of shit would ever run I would love to put it on the dyno…

Yeah buddy. :tup:

Id get down

A saturday would work for me

I would attend.

Saturday Sept 15 ?

Have a wedding in the late afternoon but I would rock the 70mm Z71 on 8psi

See if I can break 400 wheel.

Joelster where are u!?!?!? Bring that heap and lay down a high 4

Sept 22nd?

15th is the last moms race.

September 22nd would be great.

Vote for 22nd too

+1 on 22nd.

22nd i am on vacation