ebay: fc ls1 wow

this car is so fuckin clean and so hot, sorry jay but its nice :hitit: side note: jay hows the game?

i kinda like that one

yea thats def a nice car all around.

Thats a clean looking swap.

swap looks clean, bodykit looks like dick.


for 20k you can get an FD w/lsx lol

:word: the mirrors look crappy
…and 20k no way

insane price,you can get a nice vette for that much.

Veryy Niiice

The mirrors look like bat ears.

nice color and swap, body kit and mirrors lick ass.

Cats??? Stupid California.

this is my dream swap. but the whole exterior is ass. but the swap is pretty damn sweet. the stock kit looks better than that with wide body.(like owens)

call me weird but I like the hole car. vary clean, rims and flared fenders look nice, I would just pull the grafics off.

No doubt Lnd MISL would sell his for like 23K and it’s up around 450hp.
If it was FS for around 10K I would actually think about it tho.cool car.

nice, but i like jays better

i wish i never sold my fc…didnt know what i had :frowning:

I’ll take this one…


Not a LS1 but still fast.

I also like the whole thing.Even the mirrors

thanks, me too :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found my old one on ebay, lol, this person I sold it to is such a tool! read his description.