EJ257FTW + Boostin Camaro = heart?

I’ve noticed that you guys spending some time together lately? First it was an innocent trip to the hang out and then I learn you guys are fixing car issues together… :confused

they work on this


you have know to worry about

hes in a cast…has been for months. He lives 2 minutes away from me and he needed help on his car…so I helped him out…now were inlove? what the fuck.

I am just noticing a common theme here. I don’t hate fags either.

shawn… i guess that made you and cossey = heart a few years back… i dont think u could drop a loaf without him being able to tell the color and how many peanuts and corn kernels were in it.



Cossey had no car and needed a ride to the lot.

You have a car but you seem to ride Boostin. :wink:

Like I said, I am cool with it. I just didn’t know if the announcement being delayed?

im sure u gave him a ride nightly.

Given I was at the lot like once every few months, probably not. :nono

Interesting to note that you are not dismissing this affair with Boostin.

i seem to recall you there more often than once every few months… hell… you and a-rod/j-rod were stuck so far up each others asses u classified as a colonoscopy

I think I went out barely once every 1-2 months. :slight_smile:

Again, interesting to note you are not dismissing these allegations. This thread is going to blow up when pics of you and your boy toy hanging out at the Blue Oyster are posted. :lol

blue oyster?.. i dont even have a clue what the hell that is but im assuming by your comment is some sort of limp wristed manifestation of a bar. … i find it more interesting that YOU seem to know of such an establishment and its possible you may have frequented it on the nights you werent at the lot. seeing as u werent there all that often. :lol

Is Blue Oyster before your time? C’mon. Police Academy?

nope… that musta been one of them homo movies. :haha

Police Academy? I know you got financial issues but movie rentals are cheapos. :slight_smile:

ive heard of it… never seen it… not interested… too busy doing that thing called living… not sitting in front of a tv/computer growing up. hockey, baseball, golf, basketball… u know, sports…

I did those things at your age too. :slight_smile:

Boostin is quiet. I see who wears the pants in this relationship too.

shawn, when is your birthday… seriously you are like a year older than me… :wtf


and then once they “increase their vtec 4 points”…