EPIC computer hack LOL




Is that Win 95? :lol

:wtf Singh you big retard!

:lmao NT hack ftw!


My favorite is Windows XP activation validation at logon. If you go to the activation help, you can get an Internet Explorer (IE6, even) help page to come up… from here you can go download an activation crack from the mad leet sitez you find on the googles (lol) and then run it. Restart and all is well, all without ever touching a disc. If you have it on disc, just point IE to your drive letter :P.

hahaha everytime you post like that about me, i translate it into

so thx , but… ease of deez nutz !

I was thinking that or 98… i guess 95 ? idk its too old to take advantage of now tho…

actually i would bet its 95 the desktop is super old looking


and when u go to places that have a public computer running some program and they are trying not to let u use the rest of the pc, thats fun too

So. I wanted to find a thread about cyber-security and this seemed appropriate based on the age of the hardware being discussed.

Sitting at the bar and they have free wifi.
Why wouldn’t I hit up the old home address?

If I didn’t like it here, I would change schedule block out a half hour each night.

I also thought about blocking the touch tunes IP address, but my wife is playing songs. :slightly_frowning_face:

I probably have 2 of these routers in a box somewhere. Next to my windows XP laptop