EVENTS: 3/21/09 ((((videos))))

What happened with the bone stock Redline?

honestly, his ski rack is killin him. up top the car kinda just lags i think.

yah yours sounds good.

On a side note, Why is that WRX that damn slow lol

Well wtf, take the rack off. Ski season is pretty much over anyway, sadly. :’(

I don’t think it would be very smart to be doing much racing for a while after I heard about what went down last night…

yeah honestly im wondering if his turbo is on its way out.

What a cop going to the extension?

youve got to be kidding. his car being slow is killing him up top

that and others but it aint a big deal ,

The ski rack is not making that much of a difference.
The stock Ion Redline should race the dkid machine.

Well me and chuck and joey and jason(codeblue) and adam got pulled over one night last year. The cop was an albany sherrif and told us to go to another precinct or the northway because he was going to come down hard next year.

No he did not:crazy

He told both Jason and Adam…“We’re closed for the night guys”

Did not say anything about “coming down hard this year”

subaru needs a driver mod. that camaro shouldnt win

No he didn’t :rofl
I was in the car, right next to you, and I didn’t here him say that.

yea, that sounds right. maybe it is giving him a negative affect, a slight amount. but maybe. ionno.

I don’t even think he said anything to you guys…prolly saw that you were in a stock civic and didn’t bother


lies. i was there. it was an albany cop, in a marked car. they were about to pull out. cop come in,

cop: tracks closed tonight guys
adam: :wierd
cop : tracks closed, get it?
adam: got ya, have a goodnight

we leave.

Lying on a car forum to make yourself look “cool” FTL.

He trys to make himself look like he knows what he’s talking about

He doesn’t fool me.

Can’t bullshit a bullshitter. :lmao