Fantastic 4 7/8/2005 - Regal Transit

Who wants to go?

i’m in. but around 5 would be perfect

yeah what time, like 9er would be perfecto here

there is a 620 show I think I will be attending.

call if you’d like to join

nine oh one - ten eighty one

pretty sure im going to see this tonight with my roomates, what time are you thinking matt

im going later tonight prolly the 1120 or whenever the last showing is


call me later matt

pretty good movie. saw it tuesday at a special screening. have fun guys.

I would also like to partake of said movie. Call me if you’re going matt.

wtf matt tries to set it up and then is no where to be found :bloated:

That shit owned. Saw it at 12:20 fo frizzle.

goin with my roomate at 1035

I am now leaving for the 11:40 show beeotch

fucking tits. great movie. great tits. tits is all i can say

just got back and I was not so impressed with the movie. Sorry guys. But I do <3 Jessica Alba .

i’ll probably end up seeing it on monday or early tuesday…one or the other

it wasn’t bad but i thought it was going to be a little better…still worth seeing though :slight_smile:



must see it…but im broke, anybody wanna take me as a bday gift lol