/Feeler: Heated storage

a little back story.

My dad has been looking into buying a building to store my car and my moms for the winter rather than paying someone else for 6 months. He is kind of thinking of it as a possible investment for a little income once he retires, but he isn’t looking to make a killing on it. The main point being beneficial for the family to use.

The building is located in Lancaster right by Central and Walden. Its in a chain of other buildings currently owned by the same guy that has been there for 20+ years so the location is perfect for security etc.

Judging by looking at the inside the other day, there is room for at least 20 cars inside. the whole place is heated if anyone is worried about that.

So he wanted me to post and see how many people would be interested in storing their car with us for the winter/summer whatever, or snowmobiles or any of that stuff that is only a seasonal thing. My dad is pretty serious about buying the building but just wants to make sure there is some interest with people before he goes through with everything.

We are looking to buy it early April, but i would assume the majority of interest would be for the winter months. and the cost would be around $120 per month. not positive on the pricing yet.

Once the car is in there, its there until you decide to take it out for the summer or whatever. there wont be access to work on the car over the winter or take it out at any given time.

If you are serious about storing your car, if you could post and say if that is of any interest to you, that would be great. Also if you have any questions, please ask.

Thanks in advance

I would be interested. Only thing is what kind of access is there if i wanna get something off the car fix or change something?

hardly anyone is going to allow that b/c of liability in case you hurt yourself while on the property.

I couldn’t of answered that any better myself. and to optimize the amount of cars to get in there, they are going to be parked closer together to get more cars inside.

once the car is in there, its there until you plan on keeping it out for the summer. i would need to be notified ahead of time if you were planning on taking the car out, because chances are, there would be someone else’s car in the way.

So unfortunately, allowing access to the car whenever to work on it etc. is out of the question. Sorry man.

man I so would’ve taken you guys up on this for probably a couple of my cars if we hadn’t already decided to move south

I would be super interested if I could do some wrenching but not to just let it sit :frowning:

what are the name of the building i think i rent where u are talking about

so if there are 50+ cars in there and they get broken into/ there is a fire who will be paying? the insurance for the building or our own insurance? alot of us take the car off the road for winter. also very interested in storing a miata there in the winter. take $75 a month since its smaller :stuck_out_tongue: jk $100 is a decent deal

i posted under my moms user name accidentally. same thing though lol
there will be less than 30 cars in there. but we will have insurance on the building for storing cars in there so you will be covered. but normally most people keep fire/theft on their car for the winter. at least my mom and i do.

and as for the fire/theft i don’t know how the insurance would go either on yours or ours. but it would definitely be covered one way or another.

…and for the people that want to wrench on their cars. i know that would be a huge benefit to some of you as i am in that same situation with my car currently. i would love to have access to it as well but it’s just not possible.

but someone would have to be there if you were to work on your car and nobody in our family has the time to do that, and if something happens that would be a completely different story getting into liability etc. so again, I’m sorry we can’t allow access to work on your car while it is stored there.

i don’t know what the current name of the building is

wht street is it on

As of now a guy that works at Moog rents it. He makes wooden crates to ship their stuff. His lease is up at the end of March.

no storage place is going to allow public access for renting.expecially when other peoples property is in there.So if you think you are getting heated storage with full time access anywhere in buffalo you are all high

anyone else interested in this? i know a bunch of you store your cars in the winter.

Sounds like a great spot. Personally I won’t know if I’ll need storage until the fall.

alright. im sure this would gain way more interest at the end of summer when people start to panic and say, oh crap i need to put my car somewhere.

so if any of you could pass the word if we go through with this, which we most likely will, i would really appreciate it. thanks

I am sure you could get 20 cars in there at the end of the Summer and Fall.

Semi OT - Not sure what you Dad is using to make his rates. I don’t know what is good or bad but he may want to compare how much it is to rent at “Uncle Bobs” as I hear his prices are pretty good.

well im sure we could charge more but then that would defer people away. i could always change it come fall. i pay less to store my car now and we figured $100 was a nice round number

but i could shop around and find other places prices and go from there. thanks for the tip!

Also what temp is the heated storage going to be at? 70, 60, 50? Someone asked me so I thought I’d post it up.

probably like 50-60 ish. i think that is a reasonable temperature