Filter question.. a little odd

Can the filter media be dyed, to change its color?

If so, is there any specific way to do it to avoid ruining it, or lowering its flow properties?

great, a riced out air filter

hahaha never thought of it.

you could just buy one that’s already the color you want…but why bother? Just stick with the red K&N. :wink:

Right… because coloring a filter is ricey.

old man

i would think that if you dye an airfilter, you run the risk of plugging alot of the finer holes in it , basicly giving you a “brand new” used filter in your color of choice

Hey, stick to buicks buddy.

Damn geriatrics :rofl:

Anyways, Now I need a STOCK panel filter for my car, in black.

Thanks for the serious replies.

yes, it is.

i may be older than you but i have some sort of taste, and coloring an air filter is very ricey, what other purpose would that serve


To make it blend with the car more? I’m not seeing how that’s ricey. Now maybe if he was asking how to tint his headlights blue or attach a wing to his stock spoiler… then you’d have something.

To each his own.

Also, he asked if it could be done and what the pros/cons it would involve. Not opinions on how you think it would look.

lol nichole its an air filter, why would u color it to match the car?

you dont call that ricey?

im sorry, but to me that is total rice.

You don’t know where the air fliter is going…



coloring it is ricey


I’d have to say its ricey. But, is there a box or the ICEMAN COLD AIR SERIES 1337 INTAKE with air filter on the end. If its in a box, who the fuck cares what color it is. If its not in a box, who the fuck cares what color it is. :o

Ok delete the thread

Noooo no no, we need this to be searchable so future people can realize that it’s ricey and can degrade performance, even damage your car

here comes a big fucking rant…

you know what the favorite part of my day is??? (please everyone, detect the intense amount of sarcasm i am layering on here…) the favorite part of my day is when i check nyspeed and find yet another genauto or tech thread posted by none other than z24challenge. after he usually gets poked fun at by someone (this is inevitable), he then has his bodyguard… shit… i mean… girlfriend… come and save the day by fending off people who clearly misinterpreted his initial post and berated him. why do i love this part of my day? because it makes me smile and laugh and shake my head, noting how i am glad that my existence is not nearly as annoying and attention whorish as this. actually, its not the fact that this has happened once, twice or even three times that just gets me all riled up, its the fact that OVER and OVER and OVER again this SAME fucking patter happens, and they always end with “brandon & colie” determining that we are all cinical assholes, and they are both merely attentive students of the automotive industry that are misunderstood and snubbed on a regular basis.

deep breath…


You can color it with a big blue blanket. That would perhaps degrade the performance, right? How about stuffing a huge blue cat in there, that’s could change the color for sure. Wait, how about Clifford the Big Red Dog, that would definitly restrict flow…

hahaha… this is why matt and sam are my heroes

but seriously, I suggest several coats of yellow krylon. finish with clearcoat for that extra shine