Finnaly got my wheels..

They are shipping tmw… tsw 18’s

oh and for anyone who saw me get banned on DITB… wanna know what I paid?


so eat my ass…

nice :tup:

Look good

nice $100 rims y0

Those look sweet, did you paint your car?


More like did you drive down to Florida ??

wtf you don’t see trees like that up in the R O C

They look good. Hell… at $100 that’s one hell of a deal.

Do the wheels come with at least on palm tree?

great deal! they look nice T-uP

yeah thats a pretty good deal :tup:

Good looks, Zwarbyt…

thats the seller’s car…

They’ll be on by next week

i want sweet rims for 100 dolla

nice lookin rims!

i notice that spoke style is getting more attention nowadays…especially on new cars…

did you end up getting the beetle you were talking about or something else in the VW fam?

see post about my pulling the van motor…

I got a 99 passat 1.8t for a daily driver while i build project redneck

nice price, will look nice on your ride :tup:

you get them on passat world? 100 bux is an awesome price. are they in good shape or what?

100 goes far these days I guess

yeah passat world… and they have some curbing… but not bad

cool. that site always has a ton of stuff for our cars. good prices too. shipping is usually the problem though.