First Look: Motorola e815

This is the replacement to the v710, I call it the v710 that works.

Body is pretty much the same, but the keypad is much more well designed, the buttons are larger and not running into each other like the 710, i find it MUCH easier to dial.

The side buttons (camera, voice record, volume, etc.) are also larger and much easier to use.

Camera - Works like it should, not even in the same ballpark as the 710. The 710 technically has the 1.3MP cam in it, but its total BS, the quality is TERRIBLE, this one looks like it should, compare to Moto RAZR.

The entire interface is Skinnable, and you are now able to change the outer screen background. The outer screen also now shows the time while the phone is idle, which is a nice feature. (the 710 req you to open the phone or press a button to see the time).

I have heard that the bluetooth can be hacked for almost full functionality, but I have not tried it yet.

I have only had it for about an hour, but overall it looks like the fixed all the major issues from the 710. :tup:

:redx: I don’t see any pictures to “look” at.


Everything can be hacked, my roommate has it, PM me for more details