Forum Issues

Any time I enter a new forum section all the posts have zero replies. Even though they are active.

Every post I make I get a double post notification even if I haven’t posted it yet.

Upon successful posting I get a database error message.

PM’s notifications keep resetting itself.

Anyone else experience these? Started about 2 or 3 days ago.


Same here, get 0 replies and the double post notification. Just noticed it today

double post notification here.

yeah i’ve seen this too over the past couple days.

josh and Mike have been bantering back with the hosting company in the last 48 hours and i did receive a bunch of error notices in my email about it. i suspect this is a temporary thing that will be remedied pretty quickly.

please post if it persists through the weekend for you

It says im logged out but i can post.

when i click on someones name or go to there profile and try viewing the forum posts or recent post
it will send me to nyspeed asking for my login info saying im not logged into nyspeed for some reason

it has been doing this for months
im looking for old posts and this is much quicker to find them

^ nyspeed is like the base forum so to speak. i have to go to nyspeed to access the admin panel.

it will be like that for a while.

Still having this double post issue.

Not as frequently though

having an issue when I try to edit a post due to a spelling error or to add pics to the same post, the advanced edit button doesnt work most of the time…

I’m having the same issue as S13 Counterpart.
Needs the fixing!!

I do not get an “instant email notification” when I receive a PM as my settings are checked to do so. I am also not getting “instant email notifications” when my threads are replied to, as my settings for that/those particular threads are set to do so.

Still having this issue. Can someone resond to this, please? It’s rather annoying…people are getting pissed off at me for not replying to them fast enough.