found this in the corner of my shop

Found it in the back corner in a hole in the wall
Looks like some sort of oldddddd radio…
it works still! and quite well… It pick up everything!!! german stuff, some radio stations, baby monitors, cell phones!!!
how much is stuff like this worth?
![ inside.JPG]( inside.JPG)
![ inside2.JPG]( inside2.JPG)

fifty bucks.

i’d suggest you keep it, but ask around if anyone’s willing to buy it for more than that.

assuming it works, I’d give you fifty for it the next time I see you and set it next to the Victrola in my step-mom’s basement of old shit.

It’s shortwave, and IIRC, had some kind of proprietary technology that filtered out EM interference to pick up stations clearer.

Wow that’s pretty neat!!! (whose baby monitors are you listening to :scared: LOL )

just heard the neighbors


My science Projects Radio :kekegay:

maybe shelby will make himself dissapear or travel in time

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Take it to one of those Antique Dealers it may be worth alot more than 50 bucks or a quick trip to the dumpster…

antique road show