Fox buys for $580 mil

The deal comes after News Corp., home to the Fox television network, Fox News and 20th Century Fox film studios, announced on Friday the creation of an Internet division to hold the company’s sports, news and entertainment sites.

News Corp. will pay $12 a share, a 12 percent premium over Intermix’s closing price on the American Stock Exchange on Friday. Accordingly, Intermix shares rose 9.6 percent to $11.75 in Monday trading.

Figured out to be about $300 per current member. I think they maybe overpaid? :smash2:

Emos unite

lets sell sports and news to emo’s & teenage girls


did you notice the date on the article you posted?



I figured someone hasn’t seen it yet. :gotme:

what are they gonna do ? run ads on myspace for razor blades and black eye shadow ?


parachute pants, fish net like whoa, and god knows what else. oh, wait, I forgot, God hates them. :shoot:

and cameras that are designed to take out of focus pictures from stupid angles

well i bet that Tom guy is happy

That’s a LOT per member… I hope those banner ads are $1 per view and $2 per click.