Free Everclear Concert - Saturday, Aug 13

Is anyone going to the free Everclear concert? It’s at Gateway harbor (where canal fest is) they go on at 8.

They are expecting about 35,000 people there.

And about 5% of those will be sober.

i think i am going to go. anyone in the southtowns want to roll with me? I don’t like EC all that much, but for free? shit.

you should come on the jetski… Brosh and I will be in the love boat

Or not be white trash.

yeah man bring the jet ski, My g/fs boat will be there and I’ll let you raft off us

hmmm, im planning on going if i get the jeep done by 6. ill be starting at 830am so who knows.

i may go…so who wants to meet up for this…go with a bunch of people…???

Newman i am going, i was gonna take the bike but i was DT today and i dont think itd be a great idea to bring it. everclear is a top 5 favorite band, so if u want a passenger lemme know

i’m going to it.

^^^…///M cruise to the show… :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

^^^im going so i can collect from skunk

Mihgt go with the wifey.

aaron, if my lift install is done in time, ill go w/ you guys.

aight…lemme know…jsut gimme a call