Concerts Thread


Figured I’d post a new thread instead of shitting up the “What are you Listening To” thread.

I just got the Email that #AnimalsAsLeaders are playing in Buffalo

May 21st 2014
The Waiting Room
Also has Conquering Dystopia opening…fucking tight lineup.

Also can’t miss Billy Sheehan and the legendary Mike Portnoy in The Winery Dogs

July 26, 2014
The Tralf


I’ll definitely go to AaL.

Mastodon & Gojira @ Townballroom May 12th

Yes @ Allegheny Casino July 18th, playing Fragile and Closer to the Edge in their entirety.


Probably go to see Mastadon and Gojira, because Gojira is sweet. I saw Yes years ago when I was maybe 15ish with the Original Lineup.


I have never heard of that Animals as Leaders band, but it reminds me of a newer-wave techy-er Between the Buried and Me.


Oooh another one I forgot. Hopefully going to see BTBAM and Meshuggah


Love this thread.

I will be at most of the above.

Riff Raff this Friday in Cleveland !


Tue, April 15, 2014
Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm
Waiting Room

I’ll be there. Pumped for this one, was just at the used and taking back Sunday in Rochester last week too.


I think I’m going to buy my ticket today.


Jesus, Chiodos is still around? Holy shit.


^THat show will likely sell out too.


I feel old.

Going to Willie Nelson at Artpark for sure.
Tokyo Police Club, Young the Giant, City and Colour outer harbor for sure.

Bad Company/Skynyrd, only because Paul Rodgers will be singing.
Motley Crue most likely

Probably see some hair bands at Brauns if they can get their crap straightened out with the noise complaints.


Bad Co. I wouldn’t mind seeing, maybe even Willie Nelson although I’m not by any means a listener of his music. I saw him play at the Grammy’s and his act was phenomenal.

ArtPark I’ve been to twice now. The first was to see Styx for the free concert. THe atmosphere and traffic alone were cause for me to never to that again. Plus no Dennis DeYoung was kind of a bummer. I saw Cake later at a more formal paid show at AP a few years later. Not bad, but Cake just seemed like they didnt want to be there.


I’m actually ok with Artpark now, since all concerts are paid events, even though the Tuesday deals are pretty cheap. Just enough to keep out the real dirtbaggery. If I’m looking for a great audio experience, it’s not going to be there. The people watching is epic, and plenty of room just to walk around, eat some food, listen to folks who used to be a lot more relevant than they are now.

Last year, did BOC/38 Special, ZZ Top, and one other. All were fun.

And I’m the same about Willie. Don’t listen often, but seems like a good time to check out an icon.


this. I have an extra ticket to Chiodos/Emarosa/Our Last Night if someone wants it…$28 with the fees.
@ProgRocker ?


I’ll probably pass on this one. Tons of concerts coming up, and I’m in Sharepoint training all week. I’m assuming I’ll see you at AAL though?


Danny Brown at the Waiting Room Wednesday night.

I had to (reluctantly) sell my tickets. :frowning:


For anybody into EDM, was at the Dannic/Dyro/Hardwell show last night at the Riviera in the Falls
It was a blast :tup:


I love Hardwell. He is playing the Sunset Music Festival in Tampa in May that I may shoot down to along with our own djdstar (as solidisco)


His set was siqqqq, place was shaking like crazy with all the bass lol
I need to hit up a big festival, after last night I realized I’m missing out hard on those. Was thinking Mysteryland if I can get the cash together.

Sidenote- I think you were behind/in front of me yesterday from the Getzville Parkway/990/to part of the 290


Ya Toronto has a cool one too that makes it cheaper being closer. MysteryLand would be fun too for a camping trip as long as its not 100 degrees out.

And ya, I work in Getzville so was probably me. You can find mine as it is debadged and I have the HID angel eyes.