FREE: GF's apartment full of furniture take EVERYTHING FOR FREE


Well I’m taking the plunge and for the first time in my life I’m living with someone.

She wants to get rid of all her stuff, not in bad shape either, maybe some cat hair.

Anyways, there’s a queen bed, couch, kitchen shit, living room shit, bathroom shit, closet shit, literal shit outside from neighbors dog, etc all the shit of your dreams.

tables, chairs, salt and pepper shakers, appliances (crappy ones), mattress box spring, curtains etc!

Why don’t we donate to Good will or salvation army or amvets or the city mission?

Well apparently giving away an entire house of furniture to a needy family isn’t necessary until November. Well fuck you guys.

Anways, text 716-799-5907 anytime and come get your shit

Will have pics soon!


Couch pending, yes 6 minutes later, guy at work




Pictures coming tomorrow. She’s heading back there to check mail.