FS: 1990 -1996 300zx Parts for sale

I dont have pics…but I know Yelocity might…but anyways heres the list and Onyx…Boost Addict or what ever his name is…Yelocity…etc. can vouch for their quality.


JDM Clear front Corner Lights $75

DIY Clear rear Corner Lights $30

HKS Intercooler Hard Pipe Kit $200 plus your stockers

3 Piece Polished Radiator Air Guides $100

10" Custom Subwoofer box in black/grey…custom fitted to the driver side hatch…still room for T-tops…similar to JL Stealthbox…NO SUBWOOFER $135

10" MTX sub…Addicted2Boost knows the model #…it thumps $75 or combine with Box for $200

Also possible but not sure

HKS DLI Ignition
Apexi SAFC2 Limited Edition
Stillen Sway Bars
ARC Intercoolers w/ trade for stockers
ASHspec Xtreme Dual intake w. JWT Filters
SX FPR - never installed NIB

Out of town til Thursday…PM me if you are interested

bump for a good seller

still can’t beleive its gonna go away tho :frowning:

didnt you like have it worked on for like a year straight…now drive it for like half a season, and it’s going away? please do tell…

and i am very very interested in the stillen sways…they’re adjustable right?

and are you selling the jdm tails?

Nothing to tell…young and dumb with $ and trying to keep up with the fast cars put me seriously in debt with no way out and a ton of downtime which = less enjoyment out of the car in more ways than one. I will miss it more than anyone considering I never got to see the full potential of the monster I had created…and it would have been too :frowning: But it doesnt stop…they car still needed/needs some things to be complete and it just keeps adding and adding and adding and you get used to power and speed and u want more and $$$ eh I am sick of it…

Not anymore :wink:

I picked them up yesterday.

We’ll see how much money I have laying around after my current project.

fine onyx can have the tails but i really hope i am the first to know if the sway bars are for sale…they are on my immediate list of things to do, and scoring a pair cheaper than new would be sweet…

me sad…too bad it’s no more :frowning: