FS: Android Tablet & Canon DSLR Zoom Lens

No longer going to be frequenting this forum so this thread can be closed.

I got $400 cash on the galaxy if your down.


Maayybbeee $540. But for almost half the price I paid in June? Can’t do it.

shits used fool. almost obsolete by now.

illya, no offense bro but you ask for wayyyy too much on used shit. 600 bucks for something that was 660 in the first place is even too much if it was unopened.

waynes offer is pretty good considering !

So I’m supposed to take $260 right off the top of something that was hardly used and otherwise is still very much new? :rofl. I would consider $540 or $520 like I said but definitely not $400.

The couple 32GB white ones available on EBay are going for $600+ (all but one - but one of them isn’t buy it now so by the time the auction ends I’m sure it’ll be close to $600), some even $700. I’ll just post it on EBay for $580 and call it a day. Thanks though. I’ll take my chances on EBay.

Anyway, I’m done with Shift (got an email notification that someone posted in here and what do you know - it was people low balling :lol). This thread can be locked. Peace out.

cry about it. shouldn’t you be preaching to someone about now anyway??

I QUIT :cry :cry :cry :cry

in before lock

thank god

lol whatever, save pennies man, save pennies

He’s approaching Travis Koch status w/ how many times he said he was done with this forum and coming back lol.


Still for sale?