Gold BBS LM’s

17x7 5x100 et35

The only set in the USA that are 17x7 5x100. These were imported from JAPAN. The wheels have some minor curbage. I will get better pictures this sunday. They are in Buffalo and can be bought with or without tires.

$1800 shipped-no tires

$2100 shipped- with brand new JDm spec Dunlop Le Mans tires (215/45/17)

These wheels in a similar 17x7.5 size sell for $680 each. You do the math.



Just one set?

Jager you fuck, read the guidelines

Added FS: in title

those would be tits on my dub. you got all excited about those, and you are selling before you even get your car done… why?!


Im going a different route with the overall look of the car.

I believe these wheels are around 19-20lbs.

hey, WTF? u gave up on those rims already ?
thats kool though i think the silver look on ya car looked better anyways, or even somethin dark would look good .

I dodnt give up on them, they are sick wheels. I just found something different.


there is nothing better than BBS LM’s

I would disagree… but they are nice :slight_smile:

They are really sweet, but there is allways something better…


7 is kind of skinny, or I would be giving serious thought into picking these up.

those would be hot on the STI :slight_smile:

OK SO I RETRACT my previous statement…Nismo LM GT4s are hot too

along with alot…


$1700 shipped no tires bump.