FS: BBS Stern wheels

Rare jdm-market only “Stern” by BBS.

Light weight 2-piece drop forged. BBS gold label. No rash, mint.

bolt pattern: 5x114.3
fronts: 17 x8 +39
rears: 17x9.5 +38 (2.5" lip)

The design of these are pretty unique. One of the rivets is a dummy that is unscrewed, to allow access to the valvestem. No valvestem shows at all for that clean look. All lugnuts are hidden by the centre cap with an inner cap that is bolted by a second set of hex nuts. Th ultimate in wheel security.

Will include special short chrome lugs needed for these wheels plus lock key.

Looking for $1900/set. Tires not included but we can haggle.


those are frickin sex, but too bad the offsets are so high… really awesome looking nsx though.

gorgeous wow

how much for the car with the rims?

So that means you would be buying them if they were the correct offset :hsugh:

wouldn’t you :hsugh:

who cares about offsets when ure saving over 2000 bucks from new for these wheels…spend the 140 and get spacers…

plus, with 38 offsets like these rims, its so much easier to sell them to a wider market of vehicles once you are bored of them…sick deal here.

awesome wheels and that’s one hell of a deal… however BBS never really sold wheels with really low offsets afaik.

The only problem that some people might have with a wide wheel that has a high offset, is rubbing… especially against coilovers…

Slippery: Car is not for sale, just the wheels (tho I know you’re baller)
Gonad: they’re finally for sale, snatch them up! Wheel and deal mang!

Everyone else: these wheels are mint, and AFAIK are the only set in Canada. Get some rear spacers and you’re good to go. Give the guys in 911’s something to drool over :smiley:

even without spacers those would be pretty flush though. I have 7.5 +32 and the fronts are flush, and the rears are just a tiny bit sunken. Damn those are nice rims.

wipes drool from t shirt

Guess you remember that I actually inquired on them some time ago. :rofl:

Didn’t realize they were in the “More than you can afford, pal” category. :frowning:

Good luck

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