FS Brooks 1998 Civic DX Coupe 5sp 169K White

(Posting for Brooks)

For sale:

1998 Civic DX Coupe
5 speed
New Exhaust
JVC Deck
New Coilovers + Shocks
2000 Special Edition Integra Wheels
Timing Belt/Water Pump/Clutch done recently
New Bendix pads up front/Shoes + Drums in rear
New Cap/Rotor/Plugs

Runs Great 30+MPG City 35+ Highway

Been a great daily driver for the past 30K just bought a 4 door GSR so I have no need for the Civic anymore.

Asking $2500

Pics will be up shortly

sry posted in wrong section… if A mod wants to move it feel free.

straight trade for sti engine?


no thxs he is looking for $ to put down on a house

wow. If it was spring time, Id definaly be buying this.