fs: car audio gotta go

well my room was full of car audio stuff and i need money so its gotta go i think i should see some one because i think i have a problem i seem to be getting more and more car audio things every week so i have cut my self off and am now getting rid of what i can.

1st up is an hand made k.w.c special 2 12 inch subwoofer box
gold post3/4 mdf construction
I made this for the blazer so the ends didnt need to be perfect
so i start off at 80$ the reason it looks like the fabris is pelling is because when i took out the subs it snaged on the fabric and pulled it out of place but dont worry that is no problem to fix jus a little glue
and its a lil dusty


Next up is a pair!!! of 6x9 boxes not made by me but they come with wire posts and fiber fill i have seen 6x9 boxes for around 30-40$ so i say …20$ for a pair and I think i have 2 sets I have a pair in my nova and they really do make a difference in sound and alot less vibration then having your speakers in the rear deck (probley best for hatch backs)

push posts
fiber fill
3/4 mdf


Next we have a pair of Infinity 4 inch speakers i know these wont fit in most 240s but u may have a nother car cause i hear some people have more then 1 car now a days
i know for a fact these are 120$ at futures shop so i say…80$

35watt rms
105 watt max
4 inch


Did some one say loud cheap bass… no oh ok then any way i have 2 sony 10inch xplod
but as of right now 1 of them is m.i.a i dont know were the hell it went they have never been used ok wait 1 has never been used the other was used to test my nos bottle box for about 30 min and it wasnt hight power i think only 100 watts so that way below there 1000 watt max

10 inches
500 watt rms i think? im sure thats it
1000 watt max


This nos box isnt for sale yet any way

Now for more subs i have 3 10 inch rock fosgate p1s for sale
thes subs are very load tho mine were once again never used i bought them for my car but then found out the box i wanted to make would not have enought air in it for 3 of these monsters so they sat in my corner waiting for you to buy them ( i have 2 of the original boxes 1 box got messed up so i tossed it)

rock fordfosgate p1s
10 inches
300 watt max
very light
very loud

80$ each or all 3 for 220$ wow what a deal call now !!!


Need a new old replacement deck or something that will play cds look no more
this kenwood deck will play all your cd needs mp2 of course not 35$

basic deck works perfectly
detachable face
all wire need to install


Need a little boom with no weight and not all the wires and amps and huge box in your way well todays your lucky day

this little beautiful sub amp combo has a 8 inch woofer for that extra little kick with a build in amp…35$


this pioneer deck was from my 240sx i just got a pioneer indash unit so i no longer need this deck this deck is around 300$ over a future shop it work with no problem and has sub and rear out puts this is the deck with the video screen in it so u can watch the fish swim while u drive it plays mp3 and all that …225$

all wire
detachable face
untit it self

thats a bad pic of it sorry

Next up is some neon shut up i know what your thinking but neon could be cool i have some led under the dash and i like it ok i dont car who knows it
these exact ones for 30$ and 40$ over a jbs power center
i got

5 purple 15 inches
2 green 12 inches
and some how i ended up with 2 15 inch black light ones in cause u need to find seamen in your car…15$ each or 2 for 25$
they are pretty bright i was surprized myself


Mtx audio thunder 6000 2, 12 inch subs + box

these were the subs i used for about 1 year there wicked i was only putting 200 watts to these subs and they loved it there max is around 300-350 i think and i no way did i ever harm them.
I bought some new subs im going to use in my custom bx so i no longer need these they come with a 2 12 inch sealed box with push posts…250$ for box + 2 12 inch subs


the next and final item for now is my pride and joy even tho i used it only for about 1 week in the summer this sub, amp box combo pounds. it has a 12 inch rock ford p1 and a rockford 2002 amp which hold about 300 watts so its purfect for this sub i made this box right to spec for this woofer it also has a 4 inch vent which opens up on the right side this set up comes with a 8G stinger amp kit which is already wired in to the box so its plug and play once again this was made for a friend of mine but the car was wrecked so i kept it it was made to fit right between the wheel wells of a crx the amp and sub alone are worth 375$ the back side of the amp is dynamated for added protection

550$…for every thing
8G stinger amp kit
rockford 2002 amp 300 watts
rock ford p1 12 inch sub 300 watt
custom vented box


i have a lot of pics of this box even from the inside so just ask me

well its now 4:32 am so im going to bed shout me an offer or something and we will talk it out im sure all the necc boys need a little boom

i got dibs on the 8inch

hahah holy shit kevin bump for good seller

ok silvia _s13 u want it u got it what side of the city u on

bump for me

come on guys these prices are obo


still stuff left open to offers

did you rob a future shop holy :rolleyes:

no man i just have a spending problem need this stuff gone