Im going to be getting a new phone and I will sell my EnV for a cheap price…Paid 175bux for it only a few months ago…Ill get the replacement for it which costs 50bux so its brand new for the buyer…Someone shoot me an offer.

what color?

I have the green one, and aside from the slightly larger size…it’s a great phone.

yeah. the wife wants the orange one. so if it is orange, it’s sold.

ya i agree, it is a great phone…and if u do alot of texting the keyboard makes it fast & easy to do

btw Sorry chad, i guess i should have never showed her my phone friday night…:rofl:

eh its ok, her friend got one so she was hearing about it before you showed her. i just wanted her to actually see it before she locked herself in on one, because i am ordering it through our company rep.

get her a real phone:


-1 for sprint
-2 for windows CE

i have this phone and it’s just alright. the processor is too slow to handle the work.

rofl…i’ve had three windows mobile phones including another one from HTC that is identical to that one as far as specs are concered…that phone has a horrible memory leak…and it sucks…just like anything with windows…

whos the service through?

my guess is Verizon


i have the same phone, in green. worth every penny.


:smiley: Yes it is! Thanks

yeah. if you want one with a cracked screen.