FS: europlate, msd, custom AL radiator, much more

Cleaning out the garage; if you are interested in anything pm me with an offer

mk2 16v lip, ok condition
europlate w/ frame
Custom radiator from Moxies, aluminum, pm with details
2 Spal fans 1200cfm each
Rear big bumper, never painted, mint(for mk2 golf/gti)
One Hella 7" single round headlight
MSD 6a ignition with box/instructions
MSD tach adapter
Oil cooler with hoses/fittings
16v dashboard, mint condition
Both front stock Gti seats, grey with the red middle, one tiny rip in driver bolster.
Mechanical fuel pressure gauge/autometer CF backround


and if anyone is interested my car might be for sale too soon

europlate sold

how much u want for the gauge?

make offer, i have two others im waiting on with offers, highest goes

are the spal fans specifically for the VW or are they universal ones? if universal how thick is the profile on them? i need a really thin one that flows 1200cfm for my turbo to fit so im really interested if i can use one of them. i am also interested in the autometer CF guage…how much?

the spal fans are universal fans, not positive on the thickness of them but ill check for you. and for the gauge make me an offer, like three others are askin about it and highest offer gets it

pics would sell your stuff faster

looking for my cord to download the pics i took today to the comp, but :tup:

aight well whoever gives me 30 bux first gets the gauge. i need the money asap

what the fuck?


sorry the pics took long


pms replied, dash,seats, and another gauge sold