FS: Everything from a 2000 Integra - Full part out

a friend is parting an integra out. I plan on traveling quite some distance to pick up parts I need. Just wondering if anyone needs any parts. the color is silver.

Im taking the gas tank

I know for a fact that he wants 300 dollars for the 98+ front end.

If there are any parts you need, whatever they may be, simply send me a PM or hit me up via aol Im, the name is :APB 98 LS

any idea what he would want for the swap? ls is great for a daily :slight_smile:

i think i might want the stock mirrors… how much? are the seats leather or cloth? wat wheels are on it?

What would he want for the clock?

How much for front seats?

80 dollars for the mirrors.

Ill buy ur mirrors off you if theyre powered

120 for the front and rear seats, he doesn’t want to seperate

any word on the clock?

I am down for the seats!

i want the mirrors and nick ill sell you mine they are powered…

word. how much?

60 and they are yours… as long as i get these stock mirrors, i hope they are in good shape

Theyre $45 new

ok buy the new ones ill keep mine…

Price on rear lower control arms?

clock was destroyed taking the dash out.

my regrets

Thanks for trying.

hey bro. any word on getting the money for the mirrors? I would like to have the money by tomorrow night, because I’m leaving to go get the parts saturday morning

Alright guys, closing this one up, leaving for the 6 hour round trip tomorrow.

Niskyspy is going to be the proud owner of a new set of LS seats !!