FS Feeler 15" Rota Circuit 8's

I think in a couple weeks I’ll be buying new wheels, gonna try to sell the rotas first, they are 15 X 6.5 with a +38 offset in 4X100 bolt pattern.

No curb rash in great shape comes without tires. Looking for $350 OBO

i think i might pick these up… let me call the guy who wants my rims and have a talk with him.

how much with tires?

hmmm might look quite good on the gt? ya whats the price?

Tires are going on the new wheels so they can’t be combined. Freakls7 lemme know.

what size tires where you running with them?

195 55 15 yokohama S.Drives

oh reeeeallllyyyy. ive got a almost brand new set of 195/55r15 dunlops fm901’s hmmm…
i must talk with the boss.

Lemme know, I still need to get the old tires taken off and I plan to take the wheels off the car tomorrow.

didnt you just get these. Whats next?

Yeah the offsets a little too low with the drop and they rub a tiny bit on hard corners. Im doing this next. -5lbs/wheel FTW!

5/lbs ouch on albany roads!


lightweight wheels on our awsome pothole filled roads. to me doesnt sound like a great idea, but maybe im wrong.

Hoefer give me a call when you want to get the Enkei’s I get them from a couple places typically with good pricing. Cheaper the the interwebz

Its a light car with a ton of sidewall on the tire as well so that should help. We will see. I’m open for other options nothing is ever final until the Cash has left the hand.

Enkei RPF01’s are light but way stronger. Stronger then those rotas for sure.

RPF1’s are hella strong

i agree with this fanboi

well sounds like there gonna be just fine. yeah 55’s are pretty beefy sidewalls.