FS: Harley, Z06, Viper, Trailer, F1000 Sno Pro

A buddy is helping a friend sell some vehicles that they have collected over the years. Everything is in pristine condition! If you are in the market for one of these vehicles, you are going to get an awesome deal!


nice price on the viper i think

wow, nice collection :tup: I <3 that z06

93 miles? wtf is wrong with people.

Nice toy collection.

wow. 15 minutes and still no post from final GTS

What about the black c5 without plates?

Let me guess, he is a contractor (construction).

i give it a hour

anyone think that trailer can haul cars too? I might be interested in it.

give it time, he’s probably fluffing some other viper owner at the moment

damn i can’t wait till the new zo6 drops price just a little more! :slight_smile:

Though you could buy this car new for 62K…

so what if he is?

Def cannot haul cars with that trailer.

Wow, 93 miles, sounds like he went for a drive from the dealership, thought meh, going in the garage, now selling

would he take $4500 for the sabercat?

All questions can be directed through ebay. I unfortunately don’t know anymore than what is listed in the auctions.

Nice collection! Love the Z06

Where in batavia is this? I’m in batavia weekly if not daily Ive never seen any of them.

is the sellers name Jim?