FS: keiichi tsuchiya Modex wheels 4x114.3 16x7 16x8 +32 $700 & s14 seats!

I have for sale a set of drift wheels:

Modex wheels designed by keiichi tsuchiya:
-4x114.3 +32 offset all around
-stagger fitment, 16x7 16x8
-white in color
-no damage at all, in awesome condition
-awesome fitment on an s13
-comes with drift tires 235/50(rear) continental sports and 205/50 bridgestones

Price is: $700

This is how they would fit on your car[with 1.5 degrees of camber on rear]:


I also have a pair of s14 seats:

-they were off a jdm s14 silvia
-no rips, cig burn in passenger seat
-have since been cleaned up and look great

$ 240 OBO

all items are located in Mississauga.

Contact me by pm or msn.

bump for light wheels, i owned a set once upon a time

dont know exact numbers, but there light

Original paint on the rims? Better pics? Those pictures are kind of weak. Picture of the sticker on the inside of the rim maybe so we can see if its original paint? Thanks

Hmm those seats are sweet. Too bad my tax return is going for tires…

they were repainted gunmetal, but they have since been stripped and were painted back to its original color.

any pics of the s14 seats?

yeah i cleaned them up and pics are now up

nice stuff dude, good luck :slight_smile:

s14 seats have been sold.

more updated pics of the wheels have also been posted.

bump, wheels still for sale, have another pair of s14 seats for sale as well

bump-o-rama wheels and seats still for sale

could you get a better picture of the wheels?

bump-o-rama wheels and seats still for sale

could you get a better picture of the wheels?

bump, make me offers

can you get a picture of the wheels looking straight at them? i want to photoshop them onto my car and if i like the look you’ll be hearing from me. preferably with them on the car so i don’t have to photoshop brakes in behind them.

also, how much tread life do the tires have?


bump, still for sale. Make me offers

so is that a no then?

would you sell them without tires if so how much.

ill have close up pics in a few days, wheels are currently sitting in storage. I’ve been really busy lately.