FS: Kohl's Gift Card :) $8.35 FREE MONEY

So I got some work shorts for $16.99 @ Kohl’s on the Bolevard. I didn’t like them after a while, so I returned them. Because I used my mom’s credit card, and returned it without the credit card…they gave me store credit :frowning:

The total on the card is. $18.35. I have all supporting reciepts from original sale, and the gift card transaction. I am not scamming anyone. All I would like is $10.00 for this card. Thats like $8.35 for free. So ask your moms, grandmas, whoever it is that shops @ Kohls, if they would like $8.35 in free spending money…

I would like to have this card gone by today. I’m going to Rochester tomorrow, and could even use the slightest bit of gas $$$.

Thank You.

~ Adam Beck

wtf is kohls

sounds like a sandwich

Kohl’s = JCPenney’s competition. Located between Tops and Wegman’s On Niagara Falls Blvd at Robinson. :wink:

there is also one on transit in lancaster/depew.

its just a dept store more like kaufmans than penneys.