Lowes 10% Coupons SAVE LOTS OF $$$


Deleted the original post.

I was selling these for $2.00 each. I decided to make them free. If you are going to go save like $300 you could be cool and paypal me $2 for the 30 minutes it took me to make this list. mgleeson@gmail.com

Here is a list of available coupons. If you print one out to use it please post the number that you used so I can delete from this list. These will only scan once at Lowes. IF you are going to use it at Home Depot to try and get them to price match you don’t need to tell me the number as it will still work at Lowes.

I Only posted 27 of them at the moment but I have about 70. These all expire 8/28/2015 I will add more as these go away.

  1. https://www.lowesrealtorbenefits.com/digital/coup/coupon.aspx?cid=D90CD69E-2E7A-4372-918D-BF520C3D5326

  2. https://www.lowesrealtorbenefits.com/digital/coup/coupon.aspx?cid=56357EF6-1489-43CC-918A-938DBC643753

  3. https://www.lowesrealtorbenefits.com/digital/coup/coupon.aspx?cid=2BC3EB03-4C0F-4596-9E3C-9A77A0843FBA

  4. https://www.lowesrealtorbenefits.com/digital/coup/coupon.aspx?cid=93DFA215-B272-43C5-AB74-3AEF80E2B025

  5. https://www.lowesrealtorbenefits.com/digital/coup/coupon.aspx?cid=11023682-C6A0-4EBB-BD34-81D9A11360D6

  6. https://www.lowesrealtorbenefits.com/digital/coup/coupon.aspx?cid=81411464-D9F2-4122-9949-379B9441482B


I believe you can still get these at the post office if you ask for a change of address form. I usually get 3 or 4 of them at at time. They have a 10% coupon in the packet, and they are free. Also if you are a Vet or in the military you get 10%. One more tip if you go to home depot and use a credit card( i use my HD card but not always) and ask for the Lowes 10% or 5% the will give the discount without a coupon.


Just used one of these a week ago at the HD in Cheektowaga. You just have to call each store to check ahead of time.


I know that there are other ways around it, but not all the stores work nicely. That and I am moving these like crack on the East Side so I know people want them. Holding an actual coupon works 100% of the time in my experience. At lowes that is. I have used one at Home Depot in West Seneca and the manager didn’t even walk over, he just handed the girl his card. I can’t really say guaranteed at HD as like you said each store and each manager do what they want.


No doubt, im not trying to be a dick im just saying I do it once a week with my credit card. I am there literally once or twice a week and get the discount every time. I have been doing it for the five years I have owned my house. You can get the 10% or 5% every time just have to ask.


I dont think you are a dick. I always get the 5% when I use my lowes card too, and if it is a small transaction I just let that slide, but it seems like every other week I am in there spending 500-1K and I would rather the extra 5% back. Buying these all the time got old so I figured out how to get loads of them and make some $$ back by becoming the seller. I am putting all proceeds from this for the DP on my new place. It is not a lot but every bit helps as my DP needs to be about what my current house is worth lol.


my DP thing went off.

i’ll probably be getting some of these from you, i’ll be doing my bathroom soon. i gotta dig up my paypal info when i get home.


I hear ya, I’m sick of going there every other day. I have a big project I’m about to do and sure I will be there everyday till I’m done.


:tup: Thanks Mike!




You can’t combine the 10% off with the 5% you get off using the Lowes card can you?


No. You can get the no interest financing and 10% though.


Do you have any more of these by the off chance?


I always have these. Need a couple?


Shit, to late. Just spent a shit load after I posted it. I will keep you in mind, thanks.


You can take the receipt back with a coupon and they will give you the money. They have always done it for me.

If you plan on going back just let me know and I will PM you a link to a coupon. I have a bunch of them that are going to be wasted.


Yeah that’s cool. Shit $53 back would be nice. How much for the coupon?


I could use a couple to. Let me know


Still could use one. Please let me know.


Thanks again, I did take back the receipt and got the money back on my Home Depot card. Plus they took the print out I gave them but it doesn’t scan on their system so you could use it again. Im there way to much.