Lowes 10% Coupons SAVE LOTS OF $$$


Could you sent that link to nystanger if you didn’t use it at lowes? He will be able to use it then. I am currently out and do not have my office rebuilt to get more. I am a couple weeks away (12/12 to be exact)


Sure, thanks again.


any left? could use a couple…


Sent you a text


I am out of commission on this at the moment. I just don’t have an office setup where I can take the few minutes daily to keep supplied. I should be back on top of this after this weekend as my office should be rebuilt by then. Carpet goes in on Thursday, Desks on Saturday, hopefully it will be all wired up and hooked up by Sunday.




anyone still have these?


X2? I’ll buy some, I know someone else on here has them for sale


any left?


I PM’d him over a week ago and got no response. I ended up just grabbing one of eBay for $2 (I checked, the seller doesn’t have any listings right now or I’d recommend buying from him). It could be used online or in store. Printed it out and had zero issues with the cashier scanning it and knocking 10% off our new dishwasher.


I read your PM on my phone and failed to respond right away since I am a douche. I actually had ONE left sitting there. I then used it to buy storage bars for my garage last night. Sorry. I still have not finished out my office to where I am back into getting batches of these, I have actually bought larger batches of them one ebay for my own use and given several away to members since I wont use all of them.


No prob. Im in need of one pronto so ill grab one off ebay. But keep me posted in the future @tpgsr


Not sure if that was to me or rugsr, but no problem. I just figured you were busy or out of them.

I hooked rugsr up with a guy who sells them for 2.49 and does near instant email delivery.


Bump, anyone have one of these? @tpgsr do you still sell them? If not, @JayS I may be looking for your ebay guy.


how fast do you need it? Do you need more than 1?


Hit me up with a PM if you need one. I saved the guys info, says he can get them when ever.


I only need one for the moment to use this Saturday. But I may be interested in more in the near future.



I had picked these up originally on ebay thanks to Mike’s recommendation, now they send me a handy little link to make it even more easy. Works at Home Depot no problem.


This is the one I’ve been using.



I just ordered 65 of them from Lowes… I will have them in a day or two and will post up a ton of links when they land.