Lowes 10% Coupons SAVE LOTS OF $$$


Do you guys prefer lowes over Home Depot? I’ve found a few things to be much more
expensive at lowes than home depot, and I find that I frequent Home Depot more often than lowes just because it is closer and easier to get in and out of.

Thanks for those links they will come in handy!!


I like Lowes better.
Some of the items MIGHT be more $ but the customer service and selection of items is better


Can you get a hold of me when they do? I’d love you forever and ever and ever.

Thanks man.



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        @Beck - This is me getting your attention. See first post.


I just sniped the first one. Ends in 7536.

A few bucks is coming your way via paypal my friend. Thanks!


dibs on the 2nd one. 7535. sending the money now


Thanks guys. I updated the post. I recommend on grabbing a couple and keeping one in your glovebox so that when you end up dropping $500 on random shit you get $50 off just because you were smart.


Pretty cool you’re doing this. I’m not going to grab one because I don’t have any immediate plans for big purchases and want to leave them for people who do.



@tpgsr I snagged 3 (7538) & 5 (7537). Thank you!

Number 4 on the list ends in 7535 that 02nismo claimed

Threw some $$$ your way on paypal :tup:


Thanks. I removed through five but don’t worry about the last 4 digits, some of them have a random different number tossed in the middle. I know all of these are unique so just toss up the number I assigned them and I will remove.


@tpgsr I grabbed 6 & 7. Will PP you some $$ when I use these. Thanks for posting!


@tpgsr I grabbed # 8. Will send some money your way. Thanks!


Of course you did lol. #biggestJewIknow


used mine last night. thanks man


17 left here. I am concurrently listing these on that auction site so the thread will bounce between 10 and tons at times. There should be a couple hundred tomorrow or Tuesday if anyone needs them this week. The new ones may have longer expiration dates, you never know.


May need more than one with the upcoming pole barn starting.


Take a few. It is always good to have one in your glove box or wallet so when you run in for a few things and get 1k of shit you save an easy hundred. I have saved thousands over the years with these.


I printed up #'s 9 and 10. Will also be sending some $$$ your way. Thanks again!


Updated. These are all I have for now, my last run broke somehow. I will get more in a week or so.


Used one of the two I printed. I have one left but would figure on needing one or two more during the project. PM me so I know how to send you some $$$ and when a couple others might be available to print. Thanks again!