Lowes 10% Coupons SAVE LOTS OF $$$


There are a few left for this month and I will be reloading another round when the next date comes available. I am using them pretty quick myself.


Haven’t actually used any of these myself yet. Right after I changed my address online, I got the coupon offers which included the Lowes 10%. I’ve just been reusing it regularly at HD without a problem but glad to see my bump has at least generated some help for others on here lol :tup:


Used #14 and got burned on a cancelled order. :fu: :fu: Going to sort things out with customer care later tonight.


How did you get burned?


Ordered for in-store pickup. Got a voicemail from the store that the item was out of stock so they are cancelling the order. Code looks to have been invalidated. If they send a replacement I will donate it back to the pool.


Snagged coupons #1 and 2. Thx
will send you $in PP


I took #15 . PayPal on the way.


1 and 2 didn’t work so I grabbed 3 and 4


Not sure if it’s been mentioned but I was able to have them scan the coupon right off my phone.


bump any updated ones? If not no big deal, I can hit up ebay


Haven’t had time. Sorry. I will be back in action soon.


bump! anyone know if these coupons apply on tools? I’m looking to grab a dewalt 20volt cordless combo kit for $429 and it would be cool to save $40-50 on it…H-D honors lowes coupons right? lol


There are usually a bunch of merc credit gift cards on CL also for cheap. Picked up one when I got my grill had a 380 balance and I picked it up for close to $300. We met at Home Depot and had customer service verify balance.

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https://buffalo.craigslist.org/tls/5351429692.html this what your looking at?


I’m looking at the next kit up, this one is 2.0mAh batteries and I’m looking at basically the same kit but 3.0mAh


I have used coupons on the tools. I’ve also had pretty good luck with ebay and the e-mail is instant. I’ll PM you in a sec.


bump. Looking at buying an appliance package for Black friday…would be cool to stack some coupons on it if anyone has anything available home depot or lowes…


hugeoff.com or lowesdeals.com has them that you can buy.


i used to get them on ebay but i guess they got banned =(
Also, buying gift cards became pretty much impossible since they link it to your drivers license


FWIW I do have some gift cards that can be used in store or online not linked to my ID that I might consider selling. PM if interested.


I can likely generate a code for use online. Are you planning on using instore or online?