FS: Kosei K1 16x8.5 +27 (5x120) $299 (!!)


Great deal. GLWS

UGHH needs moar 4x100. Awesome deal, glws.


bump for the area’s best kosei dealer

And the only one who loses money on every set! Haha. Thanx bud!

Pending sale. Will update.

grr wish it was 4x100 . Would deff take these for the civic

I find myself petrified at the fact there is vice grips on the ground in the last photo. :eek :eek

Entire series of photos is a “how not to” on jacking up the car.

I’ll explain the vise grips man… You know the rectangular slot on the jack that you twist to lower it? Well since my jack is a budget POS, that slot has rounded off so when you stick the handle in it can’t lower it. That’s what the vise grips are for- gripping the rounded out slot to lower the POS.

I’m also aware that there is no jack supporting the car. TK for life man.

:rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl

Still for sale people! Take 'em away!