FS Nitrous Kit

NOS Brand nitrous kit with everything!! also comes with NOS Purge kit with blue leds!!! the purge kit alone was $250 and the kit was $600


let me know!!


im looking around $400 obo!! let me know asap

is this a wet or dry kit?

would you be interested in parting out the kit?? if so ill buy the bottle brackets off of you

how bout 10 bux? mr. forged pistons…:bsflag:

naw man sorry … i wanna sell it as a whole!!! but ill let you know if nothing else comes up!! thanks bro


ok cool man let me know… thanks

let you know what … do u want it?

i dont want the whole kit just the bottle brackets ill by off you

ever find out if this is a wet or dry kit>?

how man lb bottle and wet or dry?

its a wet kit!!

10 lb bottle…

Any pictures of the kit?