fs or tade 91 nissan 240sx sr20det

yeah you read it my project is killing my life and don’t have enough time to tinker with cars. I would like a truck or a dsm type of car that I can get to work and school with. I am open to all suggestions and would take the first large sum of money that is offered. I have well over 5000 invested in this project with FMIC, 3" full exhuast system, the sr20det motor, wallboro fuel pump, upgraded wiring harness, stainless steel high pressurized lines, new plugs and upgraded injectors and stage two clutch kit. There is proable more that I have left out. Drop me a line at Damonspeeds@yahoo.com…it was fun to play until my life went away

so what are you looking to get for it?



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3600 OBO

Sorry to hear you’re selling it, but good luck with the sale.

Hard to tell from the pictures, but if the body is good on it, with everything in it, the car is very well worth it.

The paint is in fair condition, the body does not have any rust or anything like that and would welcome anyone that is interested to come check it out. I am very much interested in trading with someone for truck of some sorts.

Wow. Thats a killer price. Id pry pick this up, but I need to stay away from cars im gonna mod for now…

bump 4 a nice car

haha I should sell this nightmare and be done with it

still picking up the turbo timer?