FS: Parabody (Life Fitness) 880 home gym



  • Variable Arc™ press station gives you the freedom to perform converging axis presses to incorpo rate more muscle fibers for better results in less time
  • Squat station with remote start position adjustment features easy-glide squat pads to make each repetition more comfortable
  • Dual pivoting pectoral fly automatically adjusts to your body size and includes longer handle arms for a smooth, natural feel
  • Dock N’ Lock™ safety system ensures the removable multi-angle bench with front rollers is always positioned correctly and won’t move
  • Multi-angle bench position options include flat, incline, decline and shoulder press

need to make room, so this has to go
list is 2599
obviously i didnt pay that much (im cheap, and i work for a fitness reseller)
650 OBO
i will help you set it up, but you have to buy the beer.

can you get any good deals on eliptical machines?

i can, but can not hand them out. you should buy a gym anyways.

the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn, and the better you look. cardio is ghey like NA.

we have a home gym… If not I would pick this up in a heartbeat. The eliptical is for my g/f, because she’s dainty.


damn you for posting up one cooler than the one im trying to sell whos gonna even look at mine now?:slight_smile:

not me




So at the rate you drink is should be about 750 OBO if you set it up. :smiley:

X… :beer2:


hey for a small fee i could help install ive done it once or twise hehe T-DOWN to G&G jp john good luck with the sale

thanks for the bump big man.

i cant sell it until i lose 10 lbs… but dozer seems to want it after i leave 10 lbs of sweat on it.