FS: parting my '90 hatch, 5 speed swap & many other stock parts

i bought a '92 and its better than my '90 so i’m parting & scrapping it. car has 220,000km on it, its black with tinted windows, base model. all parts are best offer, and i’m not looking to get asinine prices for the parts either so just make me an offer.

located near kitchener, can deliver to k/w & london areas.

here is a list off the top of my head of what i still have from the car, my parts collection and some of my friends parts that i’m listing for them too that are at my shop:

all parts are stock, nothing aftermarket here.

-brake parts (name what you need)
-suspension/steering parts (name what you need, new parts with <1000km on them include drivers side wheel bearing & ball joint, and both outer tie rod ends)
-set of 4 tear drop wheels with bald tires

-complete SOHC engine w/ accessories, couldn’t get the engine to run properly, not sure why but we suspect bad gas, engine was pulled beacuse a DOHC was put in
-SOHC auto tranny
-torque converter & flex plate
-SOHC power steering pump
-SOHC intake manifold
-SOHC fuel rail, injectors and fuel pressure regulator
-SOHC complete cylinder head, a couple exhaust manifold studs are stripped though
-SOHC block & internals, ran strong and had good compression, engine was pulled because a DOHC was put in
-open diff
-SOHC stock intake, airbox and filter
-random collection of emissions equipment
-SOHC distributor, cap & rotor
-starter X2

-SOHC engine harness uncut
-SOHC engine harness butchered (good for some clips?)
-SR20DET engine harness butchered (good for some clips?)
-SOHC 5 speed ECU X2
-tail light set for a hatch back

-black passenger door in good shape, no power options
-black drivers door in ok condition, no power options, minor S13 rust bubbling starting under the mirror, 1 small dent that i noticed
-drivers side manual mirror, mint
-passenger side manual mirror, mint
-passenger side headlight cover, black
-door glass, dark tint
-rear quarter windows, dark tint

-rear view mirror
-brown HUD projector or whatever its called
-89-90 syle cloth passenger seat in good shape
-91+ brown leather front + rear seats, fronts pretty worn
-plastic bits from around the steering wheel/gauge cluster

-fuel pump & sending unit
-gas tank

if you want something and i didn’t mention it, just send me a PM or post here, i may have it too and just forgot to put it in this ad, i have a lot of stuff.

i want to keep the car rolling as long as possible so if you want suspension pieces you may have to wait until i have the car on the trailer ready to go to the scrap yard before they can be taken off.

i call the rear calipers

i’ll save them for you bud.

cars runs and drives right now, so its not that bad of a car, just too many little things wrong with it on top of frame rot for me to bother fixing so i’m parting.

seatbelts, rad hose, dash, carpet, console and related bits are mine. The car has plenty of fine parts on it otherwise.

consider what he^ said sold, also the hatch cover is sold.

so let me get this straight, is it a Zenki or Chuki? All this '90 '92 stuff is confusing me.

j/k man heh.

I demo’d the hood with a tractor today so uh, its not good anymore.

hahaha, its a chenki or some shit.

its a my foot fucked the rear 1/4 and it has no dash in it model.

bump, not much has been sold. right now the engine, tranny and interior have been taken out of the car. body panels aren’t good except the hatch, its in ok condition, it has a bit of rust starting around where the spoiler mounts, the spoiler isn’t stock, its from an older celica i think, but i’m not sure. hatch also has dark tint.

i edited my original post, made a list of all the parts i have available.

is the windshield for sale?

sure, it has a small stone chip by the drivers side wiper blade though. you’ll have to come remove it though since last time i tried to remove one i got impatient and broke it.

if you’re interested send me a PM.

i still want the front ball joint… what if i bought it off u then gave u my other one so the car is still rolling?

i’ve got someone coming to take the whole rear subframe, at that time i’ll be putting it on a trailer and whatever suspension stuff you need can be taken out. i’ll post here when i know what the date will be when i get in contact with him so everyone knows since most of the people who have contacted me are interested in suspension pieces.

mods: i don’t intend for this so sound like a bump, just letting people know when i can remove things for them

if anyone else wants stuff from this car i’ll be out there friday afternoon and a few hours saturday afternoon. i can pull it for you if you want, or you can meet me there. either way get ahold of me before friday. we may be doing suspension stuff then, i have to get ahold of the man about the subframe first.

and to whoever was interested in the 5 speed swap, i haven’t forgotten about you and i still have your PMs in my inbox so i can contact you, i’m just still unsure of when i’ll have a full day free so i’m sure that i can have it finished for you, i’m hoping for next weekend, this one is a write off as i have only until 5pm i believe on friday and barely any time on saturday.

thanks everyone.

bump, some stuff sold, still have an ass load of parts here.

let me know what you need.

i have no idea when i can do the 5 speed swap, i have a whole bunch of projects that have higher priority right now. but if anyone just wants the parts they can get them whenever they want.

front ball joint ill take the whole arm, get back to me man. drivers side i belive

yeah i didn’t forget about you, i just need that to roll the car right now, haha. when its on the trailer bound for the scrap yard i’ll pull it off for you.

ok make sure u do please and how much would u like?

Is the Rear Sub frame still available if so Let me know I want it =)