FS: rims and tires

4 15 inch rims and tires. 3 of the tires are good but 1 of them are bald.

                       BEST OFFER

5X114.3? What are they off of?

camaro z28

40 bucks

any higher bids anyone

ill give you $75

ill give you 35 when itsgoindown doesnt come through.

Those will fit a 95 2wd S10 right?

yes they will

How bad are the tires??? What amount of $$$ would make you say sold???



so far its $45 itsgoindown backed out had money problems any higher o ris it goin to GUS

30 when gus decides he doesnt want them.

Hee Hee, you called that one!

$50 if atleast two tires are decent

GUS do u still want them or no

i can do this all day. im at 30 bucks from 40. you know gus doesnt want them. i have cash in hand. in fact if you drop them off to me, ill be nice and still give you 35.