FS: S14 Front Brakes Complete

I’ve upgraded my fronts, therefore I not longer need these. These calipers are in very good condition and are not seized. They braked amazing when they were on my car. Everything came off like butter, like I said nothing is seized. Sale includes all hardware as well as:

2 Calipers + OEM Lines
2 Brackets with slider pins (Rubbers have no rips)
2 Rotors
4 Pads (Lots of meat left)
All Bolts and lock washers

Located in sauga. PM is key folks.




Shims are included as well. Brakes came off a 97 Kouki if that matters.


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$60 takes it all

50 bones

So all you would need with this set is a 5-bolt hub and instant 5-bolt?

yes sir

4 bolt and 5 bolt calipers are the same


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i had mine posted for weeks… i just tossed them out the other day lol - brand new calipers are like 89 dollars at napa lol, i know how you feel