FS: Set of 4 14" black steel wheels

I’ve got the old wheels and snow tires from my neon just sitting in my garage collecting dust. So I thought hell why not see if anyone wants them.

They are 4 generic black steel wheels 14" with a 5X100 bolt pattern. They were on my 2002 Neon SXT. The tires on there are Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50’s but they are worn out so I wouldn’t recommend driving on them. I would like to get these out of the garage. Item is located in Guilderland.

$100 OBO

Each tire and its respective tread (or lack there of) left:

Bump. Anyone? Any reasonable offer will be considered, I really want these out of the garage.

If you ever get really sick of them and just want them out, ill give you $20. sorry for the low ball, but it would be for my beater sentra and im not looking to spend ANY money on it, let alone $100 :rofl

Arent Sentra’s 4 lug? These are 5.

If this stays up here for a while and I don’t get any other offers, I may take you up on that just to get them out.

oh durr nevermind, I thought the op said 4x100, didnt look at pics too well. nevermind then, sorryq

Bump, I still have these sittin in the garage. They would make a good mount for a snow tire! Any reasonable offers will be entertained.