FS Sparco Type 350 steering wheel

wheel is black on black suede, with black anodized center, the suede is not matted down anywhere. steering wheel is like new. retail was 279.99

i would like 200$ locally.


What diameter is it? How much offset does it have?

350mm dia. 35mm dish

this steering wheel is now called the “flash 5” by sparco

bump, will included a photo of kramers mom with purchase

Did you raid my stash of kramer’s mom photo’s?

i did, but back to the steering wheel. its gotta go. clearing out my stash of useless parts

Got that right. would never pay 280 for a steering wheel. 100 is even pushing it. 200 is just sparco BLING factor. nothing else Stock Steering wheel FTW!

Thanks Jeff.

I love suede… I’m gonna grab a suede wheel and another quick release at some point in the future. GLWS

Have this same wheel with a polished center, and matted to fuck suede :frowning:

Nazi mod cleaning up his own thread :ahh

GLWS :lol

entertaining reasonable offers.

K20/German PSI need not apply with your trickery and thriftiness

Fack if it wasnt the holiday season I’d pick this up…

Been looking for a nice aftermarket wheel for awhile.

holiday speshul, 199$

:lol I dont know if you should drop the price so much…

ill do 175 from now to christmas.

Shit if this didn’t have those goddamn buttons on it or if it was the sparco ring, I’d buy it lol. Glws Brett!!

yeah the buttons kill me man.

i <3 my Ring.

Yeah. Ever since I saw your’s I have wanted one.


ill give you $25.74