FS: Triton Trailer

Not sure why I’m posting this here since we have like 6 active users, but what the hell.


Pretty sure I’m #7.

Best of luck. Tritons last. Still have my 2000.

Guy is supposed to be coming to get it Tuesday.

Ill send you a check for $1k, just send me back the diff.

Laugh, but after I put that bit at the end of the ad about wasting the scammers time the scam contacts stopped. I had 3 before I added that blurb.

Trailer is sold. So it’s not just houses that are crazy… Went for $100 OVER asking because buyer 2 wanted to beat the offer from buyer 1 that was supposed to come get it Tuesday. Sorry buyer 1, but cash in hand is king, especially with flaky marketplace buyers. I listed it at $800 after searching for other trailers for sale and knew I was at the lower end of market but the trailer was also a 1995 vs a lot of 200X that were also for sale. My plan was list at $800 and take $700.

Just an FYI… I got 9 legitimate leads from Facebook marketplace, 3 obvious scams and 1 jackass that wanted to buy just the spare tire. I got nothing from Craigslist. This is similar to the last couple things I’ve sold.


Yea ive been trying to sell things on craigslist with little luck and dont have/want facebook

One of my friends buys/sells coins and classic toys and he said Facebook marketplace is king. You should sign up and just lock all your info down so if you do want to sell something there in the future your profile isn’t brand new. That’s a huge scam red flag when the thing for sale is from someone with zero friends/followers and a brand new profile.

It’s tough to beat getting your stuff for sale somewhere with a powerful algorithm that will put your ad in front of people who are looking for exactly what you’re selling. And it’s putting your ad on a platform millions of people check multiple times a day. I’ve been looking at Subaru’s for Jill’s first car and now anytime I get on Facebook similar Subarus just pop up in my feed for sale. You don’t get that with Craigslist.

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I’d love to take advantage of Assbook Marketplace but I dont want ANYTHING to do with that douchebag Zuckerfuck.

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They’ll just pull the same data from your phone, email and browser history but ok.

My wide sells a bunch of stuff on market place.
She also gets/gives some free shit from other FB sites.

It’s pretty ok.

I won’t get FB, because I don’t need to connect with people I never talk to or see in real life. (NYSpeed doesn’t count :D)

do you still have the triton trailer for sale?

Like the thread says, sold for $100 over asking.

Do you have any other items for sale? I’m willing to buy other good items at top dollar prices.

Always. Please having be send me your name and credit card number with CCV and expiration and I will have being an inventory list send to you promptly.

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Is this still available. I have cash today.


Sure, send me amazon gift cards for the amount and I’ll arrange shipping it to you.


Anyone got a line on a used utility trailer?
Need something for Kayaks because I am too short to use roof racks on a Tahoe.

Why not get a step ladder and some of these:


They work great as long as you can still strap then down

I had cheap kayak racks for a Terrain, but it was still annoying getting them up there.

I only use a ladder to wash it. I can see myself falling off the ladder then having the kayak land on my head resulting in another kayaking fatality.

I could easily add some DIY wood racks to a snowmobile trailer if it were still available.

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