FS van

so after realizing i have too many vehicles im deciding to let go of the van i have a 1995 chevy g20 conversion van its got approx 140k on it no mechanical issues with it other than the driver side door needs a the hinge i believe? its currently being held closed with bunji cords the motor runs strong and drives great and isnt really that bad on gas considering the weight and the 350 v8 that its got in it interior is clean with normal wear and tear it has a tv a vcr the rear seat folds down into a bed (which ive never used btw) and has 2 coolers for drinks or what not. also has hookups for a super nintendo from the factory. cosmeticly its alright theres rust and the whole thing is spray painted black minus the white top but other than that looking to get 1500 obo unfortunatly my cam took a shit on me so i dont have any pix yet but if anyones interested let me know

2 rows and 2 buckets, or 4 buckets and 1 row?

had a conversion van back in the day, and once i got beyond the embarrassment and soccer mom parts, i had a blast owning/driving it…seriously, whenever you wanted to party, all you had to do was pull over lol…


if you have trouble finding it and drop the price enough, i MAY be interested…depending on how the cards come my way…

4 bucket and one 1 row that folds into a bed with the touch of a button took the 2nd row buckets out 2day to move some furniture but still have them and plan on putting them back in when im feeling alil less lazy lol

also open to partial cash/trades

Hows the rust on the bottoms of the windows/doors

Is it a high top?

yea its a high top i can pretty much stand up in it and yes theres some rust spots but there not that bad

what kind of trades ?

whatya have ? possibly looking for cars, car parts, electronics, cash etc make an offer

not that bad for being a 95 clean an runs strong

Interested in a trade ? https://accounts.craigslist.org/post/shwpst?pii=437300348&db=lv let me know . jason

anyone?? price is negotiable

trade for a 91 dodge ram50?