Game Over (Game On?) for Financial Markets?


To me value is a reflection of spending power, therefore they are making false promises. While the number of dollars will be “protected” (their words), the spending power those dollars provide will not not protected. No thanks, if I want bonds I’ll just buy them from a nation a tad less underwater than the US. :stuck_out_tongue:


5 former Madoff employees just got convicted. Lesson? It is OK to steal from the 99% but do not steal from the 1%.





We need moarrrrrr funny money so when the banks begin to loan QE funds out and end their recapitalization phase we are assured hyper inflation. LOL


Bahaha the talks of continuing QE already begin. Read Ambrose on the he sums it up well.



I was hoping this was just a small temporary dip for now.


They are talking about NOT slowing the easing now I think. The market is at a nice “buy the dip” level it seems…at support with oversold moving average properties. What do yall think of the price level?


So the USD & bond charts seem to reveal hidden selling. It’s not surprising then, that stocks had a surge in volume and bullish price action at support. Seems the latest QE chatter has reduced the appeal of “safe haven” investment vehicles…for the time being. Who’s buying?


I love how China has become the largest economy in the World for the first time ever beating the USA but all I see when I turn on the news is EBOLA!!!
Be a good little citizen and only pay attention to the distractions!


Yahoo was able to beat the street expectations yesterday :slight_smile:


“Crap, elections are coming and people are still pissed about our borders and ISIS…I know, talk about Ebola 24/7, how racism is the biggest problem America has and drop the price at the pump…they will forget everything they just saw”


Did China takeover NYSPEED too? Why is there Chinese writing at the bottom of the screen now?




They are going to be in a bunch of trouble eventually. They might actually be better at lying than the US… that ain’t no easy feat.


did anybody else see what GS predicted for oil in 2015. Thoughts?


$75 a few quarters I skimmed. Hard to tell really. I mean increased supply i believe, slower than expected demand growth but not necessarily declining id assume with europe struggling in some areas. Overall pulling the plug on QE and maybe rising rates (lol now im just in fantasy land) could slow things a few quarters on a demand basis and I could see a sustained $75 price point.

All that said I will be buying UCO (2x ETF) for this duration as I would believe in the rebound long term. Might setup a good trade. Worst case I dollar cost average and get out on an upswing if I don’t have the balls to stay in it to win it.


Short SCO instead. That’s what I did last week. Might as well have the time decay on the 2x’s work in your favor instead of against you if it turns into a long term trade.


It could go below $75 easily. There is a huge lack of demand right now due to slowing growth around the world. Oil is usually a great indicator for deflation and pointing out recessions. The EU as a whole is entering a recession and so is Japan. With growth slowing in China it’s the perfect storm. Not to mention we are now done with QE and the EU really can’t start one even though they are claiming they can. It must be backed by Germany and its against their constitution. Japan’s abenomics are a joke and won’t fix a thing. I highly doubt rates will raise. Ben bernanke has stated recently that he doesn’t believe rates will rise in his lifetime. If the fed does make a move it would most likely affect short term rates more than long term but I don’t think they want to take the blame for directly throwing us into a recessions/depression. Every previous time the Fed has hiked rates it’s caused a market correction and slowed growth dramatically. There is no loan growth besides subprime autos and student loans with higher rates they would freeze most borrowing.


I’m just waiting for 2008 to happen all over again. At the time I was 20 and took 2000$ and turned it into $55000. 6 years and a career later, I’m ready for it to happen again.