Game Over (Game On?) for Financial Markets?


So is now the time to get into oil stocks? Dropped below $50/ barrel yesterday. I’m not an investment guru but feel like I should jump in. Seems like one can make some money off this.


I am in the wrong business, I jump up and down if I make 5% meanwhile oil companies just simply triple their price to make trillions of dollars. Let’s face it, it is not like their costs change that much.


shale production costs have changed dramatically over the last decade.


Pay attention to the rig count, that will give you a good idea on where oil companies will head. This is a long term trend I dont see it picking back up anytime soon sub $40 a barrel.


A trend is your friend…till it stops being a trend. I’m eying BP but have serious doubts that they’ll hold the dividends. I lean towards Jimshorts bias at this time. My 2 cents anyhow.


So I’m thinking of attempting to take advantage of the current oil drama for this year’s investment in my vanguard roth IRA.

Basically I’m thinking of dumping 2015’s $5.5k into either VGENX or VDE this coming week and just riding it out as long as needed until I feel it’s back up to a stabilized high. The gamble is will I have made more or the same money just going to something like the S&P500 tracking fund if I end up having to wait 4 years.



lol BTFD…


yup… should work, just a matter of timing.


I guess I’m just not as optimistic as you. I dont see the long term trends that would support it to go up, same for the S&P500 for that matter. You have the IMF continously cutting its forecast for future growth and with the strong deflationary factors around the world I just dont see this pickup. But that’s just my opinion.


What is everyone’s take on the Yahoo spinoff of the remaining Alibaba shares into a separate company? Do you think this would benefit the shareholders in the long run because they get to be shareholders of both companies? I have been long Yahoo for over 4 years now but I am thinking about taking action before or right after the split.



Anyone ever hear of Cannabix Technologies? Couple guys from work have been jumping on, apparently they make breathalyzers for THC content.


No but I like the sound of it… being an employer.


X2^^ My current broker (Trade King) doesn’t do OTC Stocks with foreign markets. I really think this is something that may take off, the employees of mine that got in on it started around 11 cents for about 5 grand a few months ago, now it’s at 37, so tripling your funds isn’t a bad thing. The setbacks they’re having is they can tell if someone got high within 24 hours, but not at the time they’re behind the wheel, but it’s still under development. I’m contact another broker to see where I can trade.


This stock has quadrupled in the last 4 days and my broker can’t purchase them for me this fucking sucks ass. Shopping for brokers this morning.


try tdameritrade. i’m thinking about buying into this… not sure how much I want to risk though.


I joined up with Fidelity since I already have my 401k through them. It’s definitely a gamble, I mean they all are to some extent. I bought 2000 shares at 52 cents, it’s down to 31 I think? Which is fine, just means to me it’s on sale, so I got paid today I’ll probably buy another 500-1000. If it goes down to 10 cents good I’ll buy another couple thousand, I believe in the company and what it’s doing, and they seem to be the only one that I can find that’s legitimately making a product for this. With the legalization of MJ soon to be coming in all states (I’d say give it another 10 years maybe? But I don’t follow politics that much), police and employers will use this to find people who have been recently stoned before work and behind the wheel. The problem now is that testing for THC can show up that you’ve smoked in the last 24 hours, doesn’t mean you’re high when you get pulled over or show up to work, which won’t stand in court, this product aims to fix that. If one municipality starts to use this and make profit, they all will, and this shit will skyrocket like the current alcohol breathalyzers. If in the end I lose a couple grand well so be it, better than betting on 5K football squares. Also people who say that driving high isn’t a danger or helps people focus better, I say total bullshit, anyone who has experienced real MJ knows you are officially fucked off your ass to do most things. People shouldn’t be stoned behind the wheel period, and I support law enforcement using this.

One thing I always remember Warren Buffet saying is invest in something that you believe in and like, whether it’s making money now or later. I’m also going to pick up a couple shares of Spot Coffee. I love their shops in Buffalo and maybe years to come it will spread, but they’re like 5 cents right now so fuck it.


This play has all the markings of a pump & dump. I don’t think Buffett would touch this play with your money even. I could be wrong, though I don’t think I’ve been wrong on a pump & dump since my first trade/introduction to penny stocks. Not saying there isn’t money to be made from momentum, just saying I wouldn’t make it a long term play or put much at risk.


a bit off topic…

what sort of reading do you suggest to learn the arts of trading/investing? I’ve done all the Jim Cramer books… a few other randoms… jsut curious what you suggest

“Markets in Profile”. If you can’t wrap your head around WHY price moves or WHERE price will most likely will visit…you’re just gambling. This book reveals an important take on market structure that most simply don’t understand.
Also, “Trade your way to Financial Freedom” by Van Tharp is a great general knowledge book about financial markets. You’ll start to learn about probabilities and basic strategies etc…

Other than that…what do you want to learn about specifically?


The money I put into this stock I consider gone. I almost spent 2g’s on football squares because of peer pressure, long story short kept my money and my buddy lost his 2 grand, to me that’s 2 grand I now have to play with. I don’t plan on investing much more until I see a little activity, so if I lose out I lose out, I’ll just claim the losses on my 2015 taxes I suppose.

I understand what you mean by pump and dump, but I really feel like this can be an actual product. They are the only company I know of who has an actual working product in testing. A few other universities have been doing similar research but aren’t as serious. If this takes off and works and policeman and employers can capture recent stoners, this I really believe will be big stuff. I know this is a penny stock but I do not believe this is a typical company that most penny stocks come from/products offered.

Honestly some of my employees, when they come in reeking of alcohol and exhibit strange behavior it’s easy for me to make a case to throw them out and proceed with termination. I recently have seen an influx of young employees, that smell fine, but I swear to F-ing god they’re blazed. If I had something like this to throw them out with a 5 minute visit to the medical office I’d LOVE IT.