Game Over (Game On?) for Financial Markets?


I keep buying stock up in BLOZF, I believe in their product and If I lose out on my money it is what it is. Besides that at 27 y/o I don’t watch my 401K much, I have about 80K in it and it fluctuates a couple grand each day, I’ll start checking out in about 23 years and probably move to less aggressive funds.

But if the market DOES crash like in 2008, I’m dropping 50K and picking up a ton of shit that you know will survive (johnson and johnson, Ford, shit like that)


My guy just mentioned Johnson & Johnson this morning. :slight_smile:


I mean literally if 2008 happens all over again it’s literally impossible to NOT make money. There are thousands of companies that are of such size that there’s no doubt they’ll go back up.


That is what I am waiting for. :slight_smile: (I hope it is not that bad though.)


open discussion for VW stocks


Anybody know what companies out there are researching more heavily in stuff like bionics etc? Where many people see robots gaining human level or higher intelligence, I think the more popular and likely scenario is that many people will merge with various forms of tech, thinks Deus Ex. Without getting to sci fi , just wondering what companies are more into researching all that stuff


Does VW have an american ticker? I didn’t see one at quick glance, too preoccupied.




I still believe in BLOZF as much as @TradersBASE HATES IT! LoL


I don’t like it as a long term investment personally, I don’t hate it. What’s your cost basis? Down here at .15 it seems to be finding some support and getting pinched, seems like an ok lotto play.

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Thanks. has the ticker, Finviz did not. High volatility, horribly beat down…might be worth some naked puts here soon.


V Dub up 7% today… so far.


I’m sure option prices are a fortune but could be a nice straddle play. Seems like it’s going to break big one way or the other.


As more and more news comes out, I really am holding off. The numbers on how many emissions they have released could become a big factor in changing this in a quick swing. I really was hoping for a dip into the teens to buy it and hold it for a year. New CEO is a must for sure to restore their image which probably gave it a boost but looming legal costs of other suits outside the EPA is going to be the deciding trend setter I think.


Momentum of this magnitude almost always has follow through, it’s only logical. Wait for support to build and contracting momentum unless you’re selling naked puts, wanting high volatility to capture dat premium.


If you’re think VW will go back up, why not just buy the stock or call options vs writing puts?


Just to check, you’re aware selling puts is a bullish stance right? With overall market volatility up and VW volatility up…option premiums will be up. Given the gap down & strong momentum there will most certainly be large interest in puts. As an option buyer you PAY the premium to the option seller. As an option seller you COLLECT the premium from the option buyer. If you’re willing to buy shares at the options strike price, why not take some suckers 10% premium and use it as a stop loss or lower your cost basis?

The key is you have to be willing to take ownership of the shares, you are given the premium because you are making a commitment. You pay the premium when you want the option without obligation.


Oh, I know how writing naked puts works… i just wanted to see your reasoning, if there was something else that I was missing… I understand lowering your cost basis with writing puts (for example, collecting $1.20 in premium…even if you’re put the stock at the selected strike, is better than just going long the stock)

My worry with writing puts… is, lets say you do it, and VW soars… your option will expire worthless,and you collect the premium…but then you missed out on the rally upward?


this is kind of interesting. I own some and have never had a company in this situation.


looks like you just made 55% today. not bad.


Bill Gates has liquidated $7,123,771,962 in MSFT stock since 2012, the world is surely ending. :stuck_out_tongue: