Game Over (Game On?) for Financial Markets?


I use CFD markets so I can go up to 200x. I had 100x on one I opened today and 50x on one I opened a while back.

USD bulls are awake and holy hell, pairs just got rekt. USDCAD just went up $0.01

#1782 Wow! Who let these guys trade forex again?


I think they are fleeing their Loony and Toony


anyone short KBIO?

I’m way too afraid to short any biotech.


They froze trading after a bit. Biotech scares me. I don’t know enough about it and manipulated too much IMO.


I still think real rates are going to go lower. They need to hike that way they can lower it again when needed of course! I think negative rates could still happen here look at Europe.


BUMP: Most may not be interested but I still buy stock occasionally in cannabix technologies. Looks like they’re inching their way to a THC breathalyzer…


Holy cow Solar City got rained on today. An article quoted someone from Solar City saying they have faced many head winds in recent months. I can’t help but think maybe they should be building windmills instead. :stuck_out_tongue: :rimshot:


That is what happens when you blatantly show your investors the market you thought you had is slowing down.

Meanwhile, some great lines from the banking world around the Fed.

“The Fed has changed the goal posts so many times, everyone is confused.” - T. Rowe Price


Still buying cannabix tech here.


Thoughts on AMD? It’s been on my radar. I expect it to dip again, but new architecture is expected in the channel for Q1 '17. Considering a purchase at the dip before it potentially jumps up a lot.

Anyone in the know with some opinions on this one?


Maybe it is time to dig up my Mason jars and invest. :slight_smile:


Gonna close with a record high today :tup:

#1794 +254.93 / +1.39%Today’s Change





Told ya dude…


Gapped up again today at open. Lol.


hey, since the other thread appears to be just weed stocks now i’ll ask this here.

what do you guys think of Chipotle? trading at 3+ year lows, no dividend and Ackman now involved. eventually these guys have to claw back the $350 their stock is down in the last 18 months no?

Also, with Nvidia tripling last year… what are the similar plays in their wake?


I personally think Chipotle is hurting. I think their chances of coming back up anywhere near the previous highs is minimal. It met their target so now it will be in that area to correct back down or push upwards. Personally I think Starbucks is a better buy if you want to compare two large chains in that sector but both don’t seem to show any signs of a big upside. I go by Chipotle at lunch and dinner times, the lines are never the same so its obvious they are far from recovery. Just don’t see them regaining much.

Nvidia I like. They are building big efforts in the car driving industry, their core GPU stuff is going to be big into the VR push since they need it to drive those devices like Oculus, and the continued surge of GPU computing for things like Machine Learning and other technologies.



i have been trying to move an RRSP (Canadian retirement savings plan thingy) and settle some cash into a cash brokerage account for weeks to get in on a few stocks i’ve been watching… ETP and SXL which are about to merge.

bank is still being a fag and they are both up 4%+ in each of the last 2 sessions. FACK!!!

What a great time to have $ in the market on these Trump GAINZ!!!